• Awesome Features

    Loaded ver 500 Features to simplify and automate all processes, departments and functions of a school for enhanced productivity, transparency and control. You can enable or disable any feature

  • By Educators

    Developed by educators for educators. Over 50 educators came together and created a master 'all in one' solution that will fit the management model of almost any school.

  • Customization

    Any of the features can be customized to fit the model of any type of school or college. A new feature can also be added on request by the experience technical team.


  • Affordable... No Monthly or Annual Fees
  • Ease of Use and User Friendly Interface
  • Great User Experience (Admin, Students and Parents)
  • Secured and Hack Free System
  • Bug Free and Regular Updates
  • Life time support


Features And Modules overview

Dash Board
A fully functional dash board system where you can have an overview of the entire system and manage everything click by click.
Manage the entire admission process, create and process application forms, computer based test, upload admission list enquiries and many more.
Entrance Examination
Fully functional CBT Testing platform you can use for entrance examinations. Upload question and answers and everything becomes automatic including grading.
Students Registration
Manage online registration for new and returning students. Personal data, acceptance, course registration, and other registrations completed automated
Fees Management
Create multiple fee plans, receipt, invoicing, vouchers, etc. Receive and process fees online via interswitch and othe payment processors.
Student Informtion System
Create and maintain detailed student profiles, generate registration numbers or matriculation numbers and correlate information from other modules.
Transport Management
Manage the transport system of your school. Tracks details of buses, drivers, routes, trips, fee received and many more...
Course Management
Manage sessions, terms, semesters etc. Create and manage programs/depts/subjects. Define the credits, hours and sections, etc
Time Table Management
create and manage student time tables. Conflict checking for students, courses, teachers and venue. Send SMS reminders whenever required.
Exam Management
CBT system to create, administer and grade exams. Student Performance and mark entries Grade, Percentage, GPA, CGPA, reports etc
Library Management
Robust system that takes care of all library systems and maintains track record of books arrived , book borrowed, books returned, etc
Voucher/Scratch Card
Create and manage voucher and PINs that can be used for scratch cards. Sell scratch cards for fees, post UME, registration, etc.
Transcript Management
Create and manage transcript and testimonials for students. Manage certificates as well as track records of students peformance over time.
Alumni Management
Fully functional alumni platform for graduates to natwork with each other, keep in touch, plan events, and other projects.
Payroll Management
A payroll management system that keeps track of everything related to staff payrolls and financial account management.
Form Generator
Robust form generator that generates and process any type of form. It integrates data in a structured manner to the unified database
Dynamic System
Dynamic Matriculation/Registration Number Generator, Dynamic ID card print sheet generator, Dynamic report slip print sheet generator
Create an manage forum for students and lecturers discussion and interraction. Frontend and back end moderation of the forum
SMS/eMail Notification
Keep everyone up-to-date with instant email and SMS notifications. Also send period bulk sms and/or email to students, parents and staff
Data Backup
One click data backup system to backup your contents, configurations and database to prevent data loss whenever and wherever you are
CMS Integrations
Can be integrated with Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle, etc for easy website creation.
Payment Integration
Integrate with payments platforms like interswitch, mastercard, VISA, etc via GTPay. Across different modules like admission, fees, etc
Multi Admin
Multi access level for back end administrator. Account admin, dept admin, teacher, library admin, etc with restrictions.
Cloud or Self Hosted
Very flexible. Can be self hosted on your server or hosted on our cloud. Can run online or on your local server and intranet.

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